Feb 24

Like so many of us, my junk or spam mail numbers has been rising with no end in sight. I use Mail or on Mac OS X for my mail application. I have found by turning on the Threads option helps me cut down the pages and pages of messages I have to scan. It groups messages on their subject line, so instead of seeing 50 messages with the subject ‘RE: Rolex for sale’ I see only one line! :)

Feb 12

My good friend Jim Roepcke showed me how to use the Plone debugger and it already saved me a ton of time! Here is a really brief howto:

Start your zope instance in the foreground like this:

/path/to/zope/instance/bin/zopectl fg

in your code:

import pdb

then anywhere you want the program to break add this line


You can find more information here:

Well worth checking out!

Thanks Jim!

Feb 08

When adding your WordPress blog to Marsedit you have to fill in the ‘RPC URL’ and ‘Blog ID’. The ‘Blog ID’ for WordPress is 1 and the ‘RPC URL’ is your blog’s URL plus a ‘/xmlrpc.php’. If you plug the URL into a browser you will get:

‘XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.’

That is correct, remember, you are posting to the blog. Plug that url in to the ‘RPC URL’ in MarsEdit and you’re done! You may need to refresh the blog once.