Feb 08

When adding your WordPress blog to Marsedit you have to fill in the ‘RPC URL’ and ‘Blog ID’. The ‘Blog ID’ for WordPress is 1 and the ‘RPC URL’ is your blog’s URL plus a ‘/xmlrpc.php’. If you plug the URL into a browser you will get:

‘XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.’

That is correct, remember, you are posting to the blog. Plug that url in to the ‘RPC URL’ in MarsEdit and you’re done! You may need to refresh the blog once.

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  1. Mar Says:

    Hi there, was wondering, if you don’t mind, do you know why when I try to retrieve posts (or publish a post) from Marsedit it failed. I get a dialog box saying ‘Server returned an error: 404′.

    All the setup details are as described.

    I’ve tryied Marsedit and it works for my hosted sites, and even one of my wordpres blog on another webhost space.

    But then this particular webhost (3ix), of which I hosted a couple of blogs, all of them failed to work with Marsedit. It’s frustrating, yet I hope to find a solution to all these.

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