Mar 16

Thought this was kinda cheeky.
Print Free Graph Paper

Mar 14

Mac to Xbox 360 with Connect 360: “

It came to my attention the other day that many Xbox360 owners who predominately use Macintosh computers in their household aren’t aware of a little piece of software that brilliantly links up an Xbox 360 and any form of Mac computer with networking capabilities.

For those who aren’t quite…”

(Via AppleMatters.)

I don’t think I’ll use this but I thought I should pass it on.

I use my Xbox360 to play online from time to time and it turns out that players online, if they are losing, will find out your IP address and wallop your IP to slow down your game. That effects my entire network! Therefor, as I have two IP addresses available to me from my provider, I put the 360 on one IP address and my network is on the other; the two have nothing to do with each other and everyone is happy.

Mar 13

Most of the time when I skin a Plone site for a client they want to clear out all of Plone’s stock portlets and only display ones that they can manage the content of. I quite often use the SimplePortlet Product to achieve this. It is simple, stable, and user friendly.

With SimplePortlet not every page has to have a portlet, you can define it with a boolean True or False checkbox. One feature that SimplePortlet does not have is the ability to hide the left or the right slots if there is no portlet to be displayed. I found a way to do this with one small change:

In the find the block that starts with <tal:comment replace=”nothing”> Start of left column </tal:comment> mine is around line 108.

Change this:

<td id=”portal-column-one”

To this:

<td id=”portal-column-one”
tal:condition=”python:here.portlet_manager.getPortlets(here, ‘columnOne’)”>

Scan down and locate <tal:comment replace=”nothing”> Start of right column </tal:comment>

Change this:

<td id=”portal-column-two”

To this:

<td id=”portal-column-two”
tal:condition=”python:here.portlet_manager.getPortlets(here, ‘columnTwo’)”>

I belive the sl and sr checks for if there are portlets for ‘slot left’ and ‘slot right’ respectively. If you plan to use this with other portlets you may want to put boolean ‘or’ in there.

btw: I am in NO WAY LIABLE for ANY DAMAGE you might do to your Instance by messing around with the things I describe here. Always backup!

Mar 13

I know I said that I would keep this blog mostly about technology…. but I just had to :)

Spied: Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit) R36: “Don’t get fooled by the R32 badge on the back — spy photographers have snapped a new round of images images showing the upcoming Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit R36. For those who believe the 250 hp engine in the R32 isn’t enough, Volkswagen is developing this 300 hp version.”

(Via Leftlane News.)

Mar 12

Recently I have been skinning or customizing the look of some Plone sites. I was looking for a template or shell of a some sort that I could download, drop in everything from my zmi’s /site_id/portal_skins/custom and it would look the same. I found nothing till a friend came to my aid. I thought I would pass that information onto anyone interested.

1) Download the shell product here:

2) Optional: Rename DIY to the anything you want. For example, I just did a site for the Baha’i International Community in the United Nations, so it was BICDesign. Make sure you are consistent with the case ( as in upper and lower).

3) Move all your files out the ZMI into the right dir:
a) Move all the CSS files or scripts that you have created into ./DIYDesign/skins/diydesign.
b) Move all your images for your skin into ./DIYDesign/skins/diydesign_images
c) Move any files that you have over-ridden into ./DIYDesign/skins/diydesign_overrides. For example, I added some text to the so that goes into the diydesign_overrides folder.

4) Move DIYDesign folder into your Products folder. Make sure to check the permissions and owner (common trip up).

5) Restart the ZMI and install the DYIProduct into your site via the portal_quickinstaller or the ‘Add/Remove Products’ in the ‘Site Setup’ admin section.

6) Go to the ‘Site Setup’, ‘Skins’ and choose your new skin and refresh the site. If your new skin does not show up you may have to add any css files through the /site_id/portal_css/ form in the zmi.

If you need any help just post a comment and I’ll try to help. Hope that helps!

Kamran Kazempour

Mar 09

See: Updated: MacBook Restarts when put to sleep

It restarted twice in a row yesterday, one after the other. :( Nothing since and that was the only case.

Mar 08

I use NewNewsWire Lite for my RSS reader (Mac OS X). I love everything about it except for the fact that I could not turn off the red unread news items that sit on top of NNW icon in my Dock. I found it looked too much like the unread messages and it distracted me. ( I like to have zero unread email messages at all times and my inbox to only have active tasks, otherwise it should be empty).

There is no way to turn off the red notification in NNW Lite. I found that if you download the full version of NetNewsWire, set up the options you like ( ie: turn off the dock notification ) and then quit the program, it will write the full version’s preferences. Next time you launch NNW Lite you get the benefit of the full versions customizability.

I discovered this while I was trying the full version and then migrated to the lite version.

Mar 07

After a lot of reviewing I have finally updated and posted my resume. It was something that I had been putting off for a long time. Take a look here

PS: Thanks honey for proof reading it :)

Mar 06

In my post MacBook Restarts when put to sleep I talk about this problem… I think I have solved the issue:

I re-seated the RAM in the machine ( it has 2gb, that did not come from Apple ) and then I did an Archive and Install on Mac OS X. I don’t think the Archive and Install had any effect but the machine has not restarted in a few days (thank God!). Usually it restates once a day when we put it to sleep. Another point, the fan is turning on less as well.

If I don’t post an updated than you know this did it… Hope I did not speak too soon…

Mar 02

I admin a OSCommerce store for a client. I recently moved his store from one domain to another. When I got the store up an running I was seeing the following error:

Error: Catalog images directory does not exist

After double checking that the owner of the dir was correct and the permissions were 777 I moved on to the two configure.php files.

The fix is in the admin/includes/configure.php change the line:

define(‘DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES’, DIR_WS_CATALOG . ‘images/’);
define(‘DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES’, ‘../images/’);