Mar 01

I have recently been working on a Plone site for a group in the United Nations. I had worked on the site about a two weeks with a couple of 23 hours runs. Most of the time was spent getting the CSS for IE and IE7 to look like the mockup whereas Firefox and Safari took right away.

After the site was done and ready to turn over to the client, I made a backup and did one final restart on ZMI via the Plone-2.5.2/zeocluster/bin/ script. When the ZMI came back up, it had lost all the changes I had made in the last two weeks. Most things were saved as they were in a Plone product and not in the ZMI with the exception of the IE CSS files, so they were lost :( .

I thought my data.fs was corrupted or not readable. So, I downloaded a hex editor for Mac OS X Hex Fiend and opened up my backed up data.fs. When reading the data.fs file, the trick is to scan backwards because the file is being appended to. I was looking for any CSS class name that was in my IE css files.. so I found nothing.

After scanning the event.log I noticed the line ConflictError: database conflict error . So, my zodb was not being written to from that point on. Everything was being held in ram on the server and not being written to the zodb. I restarted the ZMI lots of times throughout the development of this site, but I did it through the Control Panel in the root of the ZMI. Using the script is a ‘deeper restart’, so that is when I realized that I lost everything.

After that, yesterday, I created a new Plone instance and decided to restart the instance via the script. Again, I lost my one change. I reinstalled Plone and everything is working now.

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