Mar 08

I use NewNewsWire Lite for my RSS reader (Mac OS X). I love everything about it except for the fact that I could not turn off the red unread news items that sit on top of NNW icon in my Dock. I found it looked too much like the unread messages and it distracted me. ( I like to have zero unread email messages at all times and my inbox to only have active tasks, otherwise it should be empty).

There is no way to turn off the red notification in NNW Lite. I found that if you download the full version of NetNewsWire, set up the options you like ( ie: turn off the dock notification ) and then quit the program, it will write the full version’s preferences. Next time you launch NNW Lite you get the benefit of the full versions customizability.

I discovered this while I was trying the full version and then migrated to the lite version.

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