Mar 09

See: Updated: MacBook Restarts when put to sleep

It restarted twice in a row yesterday, one after the other. :( Nothing since and that was the only case.

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  1. Matt Schwartzstein Says:

    I bought my wife a macbook in the beginning of June. Experienced the same thing. Since I was within the 14 day return/exchange, that’s what I did. The “genius” at the store (actually very knowledgeable and friendly) and I went through the system.log and found evidence of unexplained reboots, whereupon he allowed an exchange.

    Well, the new one has done it twice now, most recently this morning. Of course, we’re outside the 14 days, and I’m not looking forward to a lengthy service.

    In the system log on one occasion, it had a line that said something to the effect of “Previous Shutdown Cause: 3″.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

  2. greg Says:

    commmand line? where is that?

  3. stitch,the Says:

    Resolved yet? I fixed the issue on my black MB by disabling safe sleep mode (the MB will try to wrtie system state to memory and to disk on sleep,if the hard drive is jostled a bug causes a reboot).

    goto Applications>Utilities>Terminal and enter

    sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

    enter your password when asked.


  4. Kamran Kazempour Says:

    STITCH, I have not seen the problem happen again. I told my wife to be careful when she sets the laptop down and it has seem to stop rebooting.

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