Mar 12

Recently I have been skinning or customizing the look of some Plone sites. I was looking for a template or shell of a some sort that I could download, drop in everything from my zmi’s /site_id/portal_skins/custom and it would look the same. I found nothing till a friend came to my aid. I thought I would pass that information onto anyone interested.

1) Download the shell product here:

2) Optional: Rename DIY to the anything you want. For example, I just did a site for the Baha’i International Community in the United Nations, so it was BICDesign. Make sure you are consistent with the case ( as in upper and lower).

3) Move all your files out the ZMI into the right dir:
a) Move all the CSS files or scripts that you have created into ./DIYDesign/skins/diydesign.
b) Move all your images for your skin into ./DIYDesign/skins/diydesign_images
c) Move any files that you have over-ridden into ./DIYDesign/skins/diydesign_overrides. For example, I added some text to the so that goes into the diydesign_overrides folder.

4) Move DIYDesign folder into your Products folder. Make sure to check the permissions and owner (common trip up).

5) Restart the ZMI and install the DYIProduct into your site via the portal_quickinstaller or the ‘Add/Remove Products’ in the ‘Site Setup’ admin section.

6) Go to the ‘Site Setup’, ‘Skins’ and choose your new skin and refresh the site. If your new skin does not show up you may have to add any css files through the /site_id/portal_css/ form in the zmi.

If you need any help just post a comment and I’ll try to help. Hope that helps!

Kamran Kazempour

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