Mar 14

Mac to Xbox 360 with Connect 360: “

It came to my attention the other day that many Xbox360 owners who predominately use Macintosh computers in their household aren’t aware of a little piece of software that brilliantly links up an Xbox 360 and any form of Mac computer with networking capabilities.

For those who aren’t quite…”

(Via AppleMatters.)

I don’t think I’ll use this but I thought I should pass it on.

I use my Xbox360 to play online from time to time and it turns out that players online, if they are losing, will find out your IP address and wallop your IP to slow down your game. That effects my entire network! Therefor, as I have two IP addresses available to me from my provider, I put the 360 on one IP address and my network is on the other; the two have nothing to do with each other and everyone is happy.

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