May 22

A friend of mine recommend MacFusion as a good replacement for Samba and all I can say is… ‘Why didn’t I know about this sooner!!’. I don’t know how many hours I spent trouble-shooting why my Linux Samba server will not talk to my Mac OS X ( Tiger ). I can’t tell you how many factors I looked at.. Samba version, little smb.conf tricks, Mac OS X tricks and hacks… after all that work MacFuse just makes it work ( and over SSH ). I love it!

The motivation for doing this is being able to import my PHP project, which has to live on the linux box, over a MacFuse – SSH connection into TextMate on my Mac. What I was doing is SSHing into the linux box and using Eclipse via X11. It is not that using X11 and Eclipse is a bad solution, it is just Eclipse does not offer much help in the way of PHP development. It really is an IDE for Java development. In fact, TextMate ( as light as it feels ) has way more in the way of PHP development and really does not really lack anything that Eclipse has.

There is one draw back that I should mention. When switching between TextMate and other applications there is a 2-3 second ‘beach-ball’ delay. I found I could cut down the time by saving my Texmate project file on my local HD and only importing what I need into my project. Once you are using TextMate it performs like normal.

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