Jun 28

Happened to me and I wish I had this howto…

When the keychain locks up your Mac: “Dan Frakes talks about a recent show-stopping keychain glitch he experienced — and how he fixed it.

(Via Mac 911 Weblog.)

Jun 27

The ComponentAfter looking for some time for a multiple select form component with multiple columns a co-worker and I decide to build one using tables and CSS.

This is an excellent resource as well:


Mac Users can hold down alt to multi select and Windows users should hold down ctrl.

Jun 18

Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me An Apple Powered Mercedes Benz: “

applecar1.pngA German Magazine is reporting that Apple and Mercedes Benz have signed a deal whereby Apple will design an in-car maintenance, communication and navigation system for inclusion in Mercedes Benz vehicles from 2009.

Mercedes will have exclusive rights to the new Apple in-car system for 6 months. The article speculated as to whether the Apple system will rely on Google Maps as the iPhone does, however no firmer details were available.

Given the small form factor of the Mini Mac, it’s not a stretch to imagine a similar sized OS X powered unit being built into vehicles.

(in part via FourSprung)

Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over the sexiest new gadgets and hardware.

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Jun 15

I had this issue a TON of times and got the same suggestions from an Apple tech… Good article…

iMovie and the fuzzy still: “iMovie’s stills too blurry for you? You can make some improvements but, the truth is, iMovie may not be the tool for you.

(Via Mac 911 Weblog.)