Jul 18

SpeedMail: Slick Envelope Rebuilding app for Mail: “

SpeedmailMatteo Discardi has produced a nice little app to perform the ‘rebuild your database and speed up’’ trick.

It’s been a while since I rebuilt my own Envelope Index, so Matteo’s app shaved a handsome 1.2 MB off mine. Snappy. Snappy.

If you have somehow missed the way this trick puts a boost back into the performance of Mail, you can read about it in an older Hawk Wings post, which outlines how to do this via the Terminal.

It doesn’t offer the options to automate the clean out that you can find in VacuumMail, another app that does the same thing, but it is a nice, polished alternative. It’s polite too:

Speedmail Dialog

Matteo is offering it for free but is not refusing donations from satisfied users. You can get the latest version from his web site where he warns you that it is a beta. Back up your Envelope Index file first, unless you crave the excitement of living on the bleeding edge.

(Via Hawk Wings.)

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