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Faster printing through Quicksilver or a simple drag and drop: “

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At TUAW HQ we absolutely love Quicksilver, the powerful, incredibly extensible and indispensable productivity tool, as it’s capable of speeding up just about any conceivable operation on your Mac. Still, with everything Quicksilver is capable of, I honestly never thought it could be used to help you print documents faster. Sure enough, I have been taught my lesson to never doubt Quicksilver’s reach by Mark Fisher, author of this Faster Printing with Quicksilver. In summary, Fisher’s how-to walks you through adding your printer to Quicksilver’s catalog so it can be used as a target for sending files to print. Combined with the Quicksilver comma trick, you can send multiple files to your printer at once, all from the streamlined efficiency of Quicksilver’s search interface.

One downside to Fisher’s tip, however, is that it requires a bit of digging around in Quicksilver, not to mention a decent workout training oneself through the app’s arguably steep learning curve. If all this tinkering simply isn’t your bag, there’s a much easier trick I wrote about last year for creating a drag-and-drop desktop printer. This is much easier for virtually anyone to set up for themselves, and as a commenter on that post mentioned, you can drag that desktop printer to the right side of your Dock and delete the Desktop icon altogether, saving precious space for… well, probably all those documents you need to print off to begin with.

Ultimately, either of these tips are a great way print your documents more efficiently, as they remove the need to open each individual app and print the documents manually, one by one.

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