Jul 31

I have noticed when I get stumped on a development issue I get frustrated and then tend to get up from my desk, flip over and do some web surfing, read my RSS feeds or the worst… Facebook. It usually only takes a couple of minutes but it is a distraction.

Lately I have been dealing with a the back-log of bugs in our system so I am getting up more often… Realizing this I started looking for a way of timing the amount of breaks I can take, or timing the amount of time that I am working. The idea is that I have to work for the allotted time and not break until the timer is up.

First place to look GTD (getting things done) tips is because Merlin Mann is the king of GTD. On Mann’s recommendation I using a timer called Minuteur and I getting A LOT more done!

I am now setting the timer for for about 2 hours ( any longer and I am out of water and my back hurts ) and not doing anything but straight work for that entire time.

I classify straight work as not switching out to do anything else. Even work related email. Straight work is doing one task the entire time.

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