Aug 29

PHP support arrives in Aptana: “With their latest release, the JavaScript IDE Aptana now offers some great new features for PHP developers. Code Assist and an Outline view are now available to ease your backend development, and you can also preview PHP pages through a server instead of on your local hard drive, making managing PHP projects inside Aptana a lot easier.”

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Aug 29

Volkswagen, Apple working on ‘iCar’: “German magazine Capital is reporting (google translation) that talks between Apple and Volkswagen are in an early stage for a so-called ‘iCar’.

According to a Volkswagen company spokesperson, the two company heads held talks a f…”

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Aug 27

Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheets: “So your sitting there on Saturday morning, sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee or tea, smell the freshness of the morning, and whipping up some html, CSS and trying out some new AJAX programming. Your stuck on something, you wish you had a quick cheat sheet to get you back on track.”

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Aug 27

A friend of mine sent me this link to Skim. Really cool application for those that need to annotate PDFs. In the past the other option was to use some kind of PDF to MS Word converter…

Good find, thanks phantom ( he asked me to call him that… )
“Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF, but is also great for viewing any PDF file.

Stop printing and start skimming.

Aug 23

presentations are something I always look forward to giving… Here is a good read from 43 Folders that reference some of the greats…

How I made my presentations a little better: ”

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Aug 21

Features in Plone 3.0


Aug 21


















Aug 16

Seth rides in the Pan-Mass Challenge each year in support of the Jimmy Fund for Cancer research. Each cyclist must raise thousands of dollars to participate. Seth convinced Mac developers to donate 970(!) licenses for *over 100* awesome Mac OS X applications to support his fund raising efforts. The first software bundle auction is now up on eBay!

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Aug 14

My wife and I are heading to Vegas at the end of month… I compared our prices against some of these. It looks pretty good…. I am sure I’ll be looking at this for later trips..

Travel Toolbox: 75+ Online Travel Resources: “


If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s still time to enjoy a summer vacation. We’ve rounded up 75+ sites to help you on your way, including travel search, deal sites, travel social networks and user-generated reviews. Bon voyage.

For more brevity, Travel Hacking: Essential Sites for Summer Travelers

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Aug 08

Interesting. Will come in handy later!

Keynote ’08 Picture Frames hack: “

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Brian sent us (thanks!) what is probably the very first Keynote ’08 hack. He found that there’s a new stroke option in the program called Picture Frames, which are various types of framing graphics to put around a slide. The standard choice screen lets you choose from 12, but Brian opened up the Keynote files, and found that there were actually 72– apparently Apple included Frames for its own Themes, but didn’t allow the user to use them separately.

Fortunately, all it takes to show the extra frames is their names in an xml (actually a .plist) file inside the Keynote .app folder, so Brian cracked it open, and added all the names. Turns out, also, that no matter how much you stretch it, the Picture Frames choose can only show 50 at a time, so Brian even created a customized .plist file that shows his 50 favorites– all you have to do is download it from him, put it inside your Keynote .app file, restart Keynote, and you’ve got access to almost all the Picture Frames that Apple does.

It’s pretty clear why Apple didn’t want people playing around with custom frames too much (opening a Keynote file with a custom frame requires that you have it installed, apparently, so sending a Keynote file to your friend without the custom frame could lead to trouble), but who knows why they didn’t at least give you the option of using all the frames everyone has. Thanks to Brian’s superfast hack, now you can.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)