Sep 12

So I hate IE and all things Microsoft… Who doesn’t ( Um, except for my 360 but that has a G5 chip in it and was developed with help of Mac OS X so I can live with myself).

The fact remains that we have to develop web applications for IE no matter how far off the standards they are… and because they are soo far off us web developers need a lot of help trying to find out what standard, if any, they are actually following. Here is a list of tools to help you. From Microsoft TechEd 2007: Web Development Tools for Internet Explorer:

IE Developer Toolbar
Provides a variety of tools for quickly creating, understanding, and troubleshooting webpages.

Planning/experimentation with the IE Developer Toolbar
CSS Debugging with the IE Developer Toolbar

Provides detailed information about the inner workings of webpages and tools to modify them.

Edit CSS live (rapid prototyping) with IEWatch
Script debugging with IEWatch
HTTP Monitoring with IEWatch
HTTP Profiling with IEWatch
Other IEWatch demos

Provides powerful features to help you inspect the DOM, HTTP traffic, Javascript, and much more.’

Quickly determine rendering mode with DebugBar

Visual Web Developer Express
Provides a fun, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn tool for new web Developers looking to build dynamic web applications.

Script debugging with Visual Web Developer Express

Nikhil’s Web Development Helper
Provides a set of useful tools for AJAX/Javascript developers as well as ASP.NET and control developers.

HTTP monitoring and better script errors with Nikhil’s Web Development Helper

HTTP debugging proxy for virtually any Windows application.

HTTP Monitoring with Fiddler
HTTP Profiling with Fiddler
HTTP Debugging with Fiddler: AutoResponder and Fiddling

Client- or server-side proxy that instruments javascript to capture profiling data.

JScript Profiling with AjaxView (see Cyra Richardson’s MIX07 talk for the rest of her presentation on script performance)

Developer Tools on Windows Marketplace
Even more developer tools to explore.

(Via IEBlog.)

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