Jan 25

I noticed that sometimes Time Machine won’t schedule the Next Backup. All I see is ‘Next Backup: –’. Coincidently I had to plug my machine in… and then I noticed that Leopard won’t schedule your next backup unless the machine is plugged into a power source. See below video here ( sorry for the small video size, just want to keep downloading time low ).

Jan 24

Jan 18

The problem:
My wife is in the Broadcast Journalism program at BCIT and often has to make telephone interviews for her assignments. Technically speaking, this has always been a really sloppy process. She has to hold the phone up to the recording device, which introduces lots of ‘noise’ to the recording and often her voice is louder than the interviewee. This causes her to have to import the audio into GarageBand and edit the audio levels.

The Solution :) :
The other day it dawned on me. The iPhone has a line out!

Required Hard and Soft ware:
1) iPhone or any Phone with a line out
2) In our case we use a MacBook or MacBook Pro but any computer with a line in will do.
3) QuickTime Pro or any software with audio recording capabilities will do.

I plugged a line from the iPhone’s headphone jack into the line in on her MacBook (pictures show my MacBook Pro):



Switched the input to ‘Line In’ in ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Sound’:


Start up QuickTime Pro and selected ‘File’ -> ‘New Audio Recording’:


A QuickTime Audio Recording window will come up. Increase the volume to about half. This will allow you to hear the interviewee over the speakers of the computer ( you can also plug in headphone if you don’t want it broadcast ) and press big red button whenever you want to start recording:


Once you stop you will find a file on your desktop:


Let me know if you have any questions or another method…

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Jan 15

Back in pre-leopard days Apple talked about the the ability using Time Machine to back up your files to a remote disk using the Airport Extreme and a external hard drive plugged into the router. So I went out and bought a Apple AirPort extreme, I got a 500gb MyBook external hard drive from Costco and waited for Leopard. I thought, ‘finally, I can back up my computer and my wife’s without plugging it in.’ Set it and forget, that is what I like.

Leopard came out and…. the feature was taken away. No remote sync… But me, being a optimistic guy, I thought for sure it would be re-introducded as a update… Companies often take out features to meet a release date.
Today, Apple introduced the Time Capsule… which is basically the Airport Extreme with a 500gb or 1TB hard disk in it. Ummm, excuse me apple, but I already bought all that crap because you said it would work!

I know technology is going to change and I know Apple likes to change form factors ( iPods are a good example ) that is not what gets me. What I am getting at is if they won’t allow me to remote backup with my Airport Extreme and external hard drive because now they have a Time Capsule.
They told me this feature was going to be there, so, not on good faith, but actual information provided by the vendor I went out and spent my money.

I am not going to buy the Time Capsule as we know the OS has the ability to do what they promised. I can’t say I’ll be surprised if it does not work ( Apple is in-fact a business after all) but I will be upset if they don’t “unlock” the Airport Express to back up remotely with a disk for those of us that did take there word on the matter.


Update: MacRumors have posted what seems to be the simplest solution to getting it working. My data is really important to me so I am not willing to risk it.

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