Apr 16

I bought a cheapest Acer Vista crap machine to run some performance tests on. My plan is I’ll wiped and install Ubuntu on it. I have always wanted to try it and it will work well for the performance tests.

acer.pngAnyways, when I bought the computer I noticed there were no Vista disks. I thought I should have them just in case I want to format the drive and get rid of the machine. Also, I noticed that the HD was split into two partitions, C: & D:, and they didn’t add up to the total on the box. There was about 10gb missing. I called customer support…

We start with the regular hi, name, phone number, I give him all that, it is going fine.

Me: “Where are my Vista install disks, how am I to reinstall the OS”.
Acer: “Yeaaaaah, ok, do you have any blank DVDs in the house?”.
Me: “No, I’m not going to download Vista and burn it, I paid for Vista and I would like the disks.”

I was kinda shocked by his response, granted I have never done this before so I don’t know if manufactures usually make people download the Windows or Vista image and burn it but I did not think it was right. This is this my first introduction in the Windows support world and I already feel sorry for them.

So the conversation goes on. He gets all the shipping information from me to send me the disks. Then he says your service number is blah blah blah. I ask if that is my Acer customer support number, like for this case. He says, no that is for shipping of the disks. I ask, if it is a tracking number, he confirms, so then I ask him.. so who are you sending this with.. “yes, Fed-Ex, but they are going to have they’re own tracking number”. I AM SO CONFUSED…So then I have to ask him… “so, this is NOT a tracking number?”. His reply, “No, it is the number that comes out of our system”. Moses smell the roses!

I was not asking for a lot here. Just send me my disks that I paid for..

So the call seems to be finishing up and I ask him if they really ask there customers to download the OS and burn it.. Why don’t they ship a $0.15 disk with the computer. He response with: “Yeaaaaaah, we don’t ship the disks because we hide the image on your drive in case you need to use it.”

Bingo, that is where the 10gb went! What a joke… to top it off, on Acer’s Vista install there is soo much Acer this and Acer pop-up message center that I would not recommend anyone buy an Acer, ever.

ME: “So, Sir, can you please tell me how to get this image off my drive and recall this space back”
Acer: “If you do that it will void your warranty as you are removing the recovery image”
ME: “But you are sending me the recovery disks”
Acer: “FINE!”

Me: ( In my head) “wow”.

So the Acer dude has to put me on hold go across the room to find a Vista machine and find out how to do this. When he comes back, he shows me and tells me just to erase it. So I explain to him that I was telling him that I don’t want 3 partitions, I have this acer install part, this C drive, and the D drive. He thinks for a while and says.. if you erase the acer image part it will just ‘go back’ to the C or the D drive….

Me: ( In my head) “wow”.
Acer: “And Sir.. We don’t really know how to do what you are asking here”
Me: “So who in your organization could I talk to in order to get that answer, support?”
Acer: “Yes”
Me: “Aren’t you support”
Acer: “Yes”
Me: “Please just send me the disks”
Acer: “Fine!”
Me: ( In my head) “One Two Three Four
Tell me that you love me more
Sleepless, long nights
That was what my youth was for”

2 Responses to “Acer Service Support gets an ‘F’cer”

  1. Jim Roepcke Says:

    Acer, ewwww… this is why I’ve never bought a “brand name” PC… those companies can’t support you anyway, so why bother?

    If I ever need a PC, I always have a local shop build a system for me from parts, and install the OS myself.

  2. Taranom Says:

    Super funny :)

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