Apr 21

I’m not sure how many people actually subscribe to my blog. I think more people just stumble upon technical articles that I post while they are searching the net. That was the intention of this blog, to give back and help the same way so many posts help me. Anyways, I thought I would post this personal entry.

I’m living in Victoria, BC, Canada for a month as my wife has an internship at the local TV station here. We rented a vacation condo at The Reef very near to the Shoal Point on Erie Street. The building and accommodation is perfect and I know this month is going to go by very very fast.

Victoria BC is the town I grew up in and I feels soo good to be back home. The feeling is also amplified by the fact that as I write this all I have to is glance up and I have a perfect view of Victoria’s breathtaking inner harbor. It is amazing to look out the window and see landmark after landmark that has a memory attached to it as the float plans land in the water. This afternoon I was taking Peepsi, our dog, for walk on Dallas road which runs along the south end of the island. I ran into a old friend walking his dog. It was so good to do that, just run into an old friend and walk in one of the best cities in the world with perfect weather. I have missed it.

I have added some photos of our first couple of nights.

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