May 07

I read all the time.. I think it is hilarious.. Anyways, a while back I posted this picture on my blog and submitted it to Today I noticed they posted it.. ha! Too funny. It’s cool to see my pic on a site I visit all the time. :)

Error’d: Worst. Preview. Ever.

‘I was at the theaters in Lake Forest, Orange County, watching some previews,’ Kamran Kazempour said, ‘and this came up on the screen for a minute or so before the feature. ‘

(Via Worse Than Failure.)

May 06

That is pretty interesting… I wonder what kind of OS/Browser they are going to use. Although since the BMW system is all ready able to talk to the iPod and now iPhone I don’t see why they just don’t allow it to use Safari and render it on the iDrive screen. If the browser is going to be implemented by the same people that did the iDrive then, really, what’s the point of doing it at all…. it’s going to un-usable.

BMW to offer in-car Internet access via iDrive in North America: “In what could be the best thing to happen to iDrive since its inception, BMW on Monday announced it will offer full-blown Internet access in its cars via the controversial interface in North America. Back in February, BMW announced this ability is coming to Europe as part of a ConnectedDrive option package.”

(Via Leftlane News.)

May 05

At first read, I thought Apple was putting an Apple store down in Victoria… On second read, I thought they were hiring for one of the resellers.. but why would Apple post a job for a reseller…?

“The Apple Solutions Consultant is an Apple employee who oversees the sales, merchandising, and operations of an Apple Store-in-a-Store in a single unit retail reseller.”


So it looks like Apple is opening a Apple iStore mini in (what could only be) a big box store in Victoria. The only logical place I can think of is Future Shop… ( and some local rumors point to this fact as well). Future Shop has the square footage and always tried to resell Macs but their un-informed sales people knew nothing about them, so it was never an option. I don’t think it will be London Drugs because they already have a good Apple section and typically very low square footage to allow for a store-in-a-store concept. I think Best Buy is out because it only has one location out of town.

My other hunch is that it is going to be a pilot program for Apple. If this mini store goes well, we will soon being seeing mini Apple stores pop up all across the country. I guess given this country’s large size and low population, it is a great solution… Provide hosted mini Apple stores across the country and then drop full-size stores in major cities… It took them enough time to give one to Vancouver though :| .

So in the long run this is great for Canadian consumers.. We will now be able to shop at Apple stores, get Apple trained sales people, and students have a place to get their student discounts on the spot.

For the resellers in this town, and soon across Canada.. looks like your reign is up… You’ll have to start treating your customers better and start thinking about offering service consulting as a big part of your business..

It’s about time Apple took notice of Canada.. now if only we can get a legit iPhone soon I’ll be happy.