Jul 16

Even though when I applied the iPhone 2.0 restore it bricked my iPhone i’m still not going to break down and get a 3G. It’s been since Saturday that I have not had a phone.. but I can wait.

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Jul 11

firmware install

So the thinking was… I have a Rogers account, the iPhone is now supported on Rogers, I’ll plug it in and update to iPhone OS 2.0. Nope. I got an unsupported SIM card error.

So if you live in Canada and you have a Rogers SIM and you want to just upgrade your old phones software to 2.0, wait for the hack/unlock.

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Jul 10


So all the talk about the iPhone 3G has got me thinking, do I want one? I certainly don’t need one… I have an iPhone 8GB and so does my wife… But I’m always the guy that has to have to all the Apple toys… So it makes this really hard choice, harder than one would think. Alas, my final answer is NO. And here is why:

1) I don’t want to get slammed by Rogers’ rates: As much as I hate having an iPhone that can’t get online, and trust me, it is harder than you think. This phone wants to be online.. badly. But I just can’t justify I can’t pay more money to Rogers! My bills are at least $200 a month for my wife and I and we are light users.

2) I don’t want to be in a contract right now: Right now I am month to month with Rogers and there has been a lot of talk about a new telco on the block soon. I think I’ll wait for whomever it will be to join. This will hopefully start a rate competition in Canada, something we don’t have. If things get better, which they should, I would like the option of leaving Rogers.. noting would make me happier than no paying them anymore money.

3) Everything else is software: So if I don’t have a data plan… I can get all the benefits of the new iPhone with a software update! I keep having to remind myself that all the cool stuff that I am looking forward to on the new iPhone will be in the iPhone 2.0 firmware update. Yes, data and GPS would be cool but I am mostly looking forward to the iTunes App Store and I can get that for free! That kind of settles it for me :)

4) Apple will undoubtedly come out with a 32gb model too soon: ’nuff said. No one likes that feeling.

5) The battery life is much shorter: I love the fact that I don’t have to plug my iPhone in every night… in fact, I plug it in about twice a week. Mossberg states in his review that you would have to learn how to manage the battery. He says that some days he did not get through a work day without it running out… that is not going to work for me. I have gotten used to the long battery and I know that Apple with fix this in the next version.

6) Lastly, I just bought a new condo. :S and I don’t need more bills

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Jul 02

It’s just simple and perfect.. Set a reminder it goes into an iCal calender or the To-Do list… Love it.

I never heard of any of the other applications by these guys but it they are simple and work as well as this little widget they are worth checking out.

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