May 25

Was seeing this error on some pages of our application. I found that it only happened on pages that used more than one Application Module (AM). After a lot of googleing and trail and error I found a solution. In our Logout class I added the following code before the redirect with the critical piece in bold:

FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

ValueBinding vb = fc.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().createValueBinding(“#{data}”);

BindingContext bc = (BindingContext)vb.getValue(fc.getCurrentInstance());

if( session != null ) {

Turns out if you use more than one AM on a page you must release it.

Appartly Oracle has patched this known issue (bug # 6416122, base bug# 6365500) but some people mentioned that the fix did not fix their problem. I did not bother applying the patch.

Below is also the helpful pages durning my search.

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May 20

This is how to create a email address link using af:golink;

<af:goLink text=”#{row.EmailAddress}”
destination=”#{\”mailto:\”} #{row.EmailAddress}”/>

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May 05

Read this on my friends JimRoepckes Twiter page. I have to try ScreenRecycler soon. Looks unreal. Now if only I had room for two more 30″ displays on my screen :)

JimRoepcke: Screen Juggling (combine ScreenRecycler and teleport)

(Via Twitter / JimRoepckes .)