Jun 21

I’m just wondering if anyone else has see them. My Auto-Lock can’t be selected, and the only option for the passcode lock time is Immediately.

I installed iOS 4 (GM) from WWDC did a clean install and checked the pass-code option, it was fine. Then, when I installed just my apps and content it locked me out again. I didn’t install from backup.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with my profiles… Although I did check some other people’s iPhones at WWDC and did not have this problem.




Update: Turns out Google’s Exchange policy is to blame -

“Exchange servers can require that devices have specific auto-lock settings. iPhone honors those settings. If a particular Exchange server requires that you have auto-lock set to 1 minute, then your auto-lock will be set to 1 minute, and you cannot change it as long as your iPhone uses that Exchange account.”

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  1. L3on Says:

    same problem here, let me know if you find a fix

  2. sohee Says:

    same to me.
    so I turned off passcode lock

  3. Tezza Says:

    Same problem updated to OS 4 and bloody thing is as above. Cant turn it off. Have deleted all accounts and still nothing.

    Anyone got any ideas so damn annoying.

  4. Arnold Says:

    i’m with the same problem…and i never had have exchange account….any solution??

  5. ElJefe Says:

    Same as Arnold, above. Never had an Exchange account.

    In my case, everything was working fine with options to set various lengths of time, but after I reset all settings, this issue began.

    FWIW, I reset the phone’s settings to try solving an issue with its proximity sensor. I’m consistently dropping calls by hitting keys on the phone.

    This is getting a little out of hand, huh?

  6. matt Says:

    Same Problem Help!

  7. ElJefe Says:

    Hey guys..

    Spoke with Apple Support today. A clean restore, as a new phone, fixed the issue. I had restored from backup at one point, but that hadn’t solved it.

    Try restoring your iPhone, set it up as a new phone, and then resync your media to the phone. Avoid restoring from a backup.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  8. arnold Says:

    Dear ElJefe, thks for your reply! I gonna try to do what you said….bye

  9. Greg K Says:

    Same problem here. I reset all phone settings (top option, not deleting data or media) and after that I only had the ‘Immediately’ option. I’m going to see if this is resolved in a firmware update in the coming days before I resort to a scorched earth restore.

  10. VR Says:

    I have the same problem. I “reset all settings” to solve a different problem, and now I only have “immediately” just as described here.

    Doesn’t matter whether or not a GMail account is setup.

  11. ElJefe Says:

    Greg and VR,

    I posted the fix on Sunday. Read above.

  12. Greg K Says:

    Thanks ElJefe, that’s more than I want to do right now. With all the apps I’m using, that’s a lot of setup. So, I’ll wait and hope that it’s resolved in a firmware update, because even if I were to go through all that, if I had to do a reset again, I’m assuming I’d end up in the same place. The problem appears to be the reset settings function that causes the pass lock problem.

  13. VR Says:

    “Wipe everything you have and start over from scratch” is not a viable solution.

    Like Greg, I have spent a lot of time configuring lots of apps – let alone the phone itself. So aside from the 3 hour process to do the full refresh, there is another huge undertaking to get the phone back to my configuration the way I have it.

    This is a bug. Plain and simple, and it should be fixed. “Reset All Settings” should not create a UI malfunction.

  14. Ozz Says:

    I deleted my mailboxes completely, removed the profile I’d set-up for the phone and rebooted the phone. Now I can change the Auto-lock timeout even after re-adding the mailboxes.

  15. Ozz Says:

    p.s. I cannot change the Passcode lock from Immediately with the fix above.

  16. Keith Says:

    And this is of course the same problem on my iPod Touch after the iOS4 upgrade, so it is not a phone- only issue.

  17. Greg K Says:

    Ozz: when you say ‘removed the profile I’d set-up for the phone’ – what do you mean specifically.

  18. VR Says:

    Greg, I think he is referring to the profile that he created using the iPhone Configuration Utility:

    You can use the configuration utility to fix this problem:

  19. Daniel Says:

    I had the same problem, and it is annoying as hell, i “reset all settings” and the options were gone, it was a month ago and i tried everything, even a clean restore, it didn’t work so i’m erasing all data and settings to see if it solves the problem, i hope so, i’m doing that as i’m writing, then after it you should try restore from backup, so you don’t lose information, hope this works.

  20. Tom Says:

    Had problems with voice mail and had to load 4.0.2. Now I cannot set any password delay except “Immediate”.

  21. Len Says:

    Have the same problem. It seemed to occur after i did an off and on sequence because I had to install my invisibleshield. I did a ‘reset all settings’, tuned it on and off a few times, deleted my yahoo mail account, did a restore from back up.
    Currently doing a restore as a new phone…..hopefully it works.. i will post an update soon…

  22. Len Says:

    ok guys . . .this worked….and i got rid of the google reference app since i would rather just use safari (if all it did was open safari anyway)….

    Hope this helps you out.

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