Jul 13

Apple’s first gift to Windows… Ahhhhhh

“The computer virus conception story begins in 1981, when a tech-savvy 9th grader named Richard Skrenta got an Apple II for Christmas.”

The computer virus turns 25: “Malware hits the quarter-century mark, and scientists say destructive code will be around for a lot longer still.”

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Jul 11

Thought this was really cool. I may use this service for my new business cards…

Moo’s Got Stickers: “

UK-based Moo, a startup that prints ‘mini cards’ from photos and other images that you upload directly or point them to via Flickr, Bebo, or their other partners, has been a real hit among the early adopter, silicon valley crowd. People hand them out like crazy, and they are great, if somewhat expensive, conversation starters.

Next week the company will expand beyond cards and into stickers, which I predict will be even more popular than the cards. Look for them on July 19 on the Moo site.

The stickers, which will be high quality vinyl, will be sold in batches of 90 for $10. And this is cool – every single one of those 90 stickers can be a different image (just like the cards).

Moo, which raised $5 million from Atlas Venture and Index Ventures in April 2006, has sold ‘several million cards’ to customers in 143 countries – including North Korea.

We’ll be giving away some free orders for stickers on the day of launch. Check back then for details.

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Jun 27

The ComponentAfter looking for some time for a multiple select form component with multiple columns a co-worker and I decide to build one using tables and CSS.

This is an excellent resource as well:


Mac Users can hold down alt to multi select and Windows users should hold down ctrl.

May 29

This is totally cool! I have been working with maps lately due to my position with and I think this really blows its competitors away (for now). I was really impressed with the UI and how well the project was implemented.

If you are in Canada use this link:,+las+vegas,+nv&ie=UTF8&ll=36.099394,-115.17324&spn=0.010004,0.021822&z=16&om=0&layer=c&cbll=36.095172,-115.173058&cbp=1,302.361414790997,0.5,0&gl=us

Google Maps Now with 360 Streetside Views: “

googlemaps.pngGoogle has will be announcing a new 360 streetside view for Google maps at Where 2.0 today, says O’Reily Radar. The 360 views are a better version of Amazon’s A9 static panoramas. Google’s views let users virtually stand in the middle of any street, able to look in a full circle around the location, giving a better feel of the place you’ll be going. It will reportedly be available in Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

The imaging used in the new feature was collected by a company called Immersive Media, whose vans throughout these cities to collect the photos. You can see a demo here.

Top map competitors Google and Microsoft have both been experimenting heavily in enhancing their mapping applications. Microsoft has a similar streetside view for New York and 8 other cities, which we reported on back in February of las year. Other map visualization innovations have been birds eye view and emerging 3D products. Microsoft launched a 3D product last November. Google has since licensed 3D mapping technology just this month.


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May 15

One of my favorite online music services is It is free online radio where you put in Artistes or Songs and it will play you matches based on a ton of criteria provided Genome Music Project. Then you can rate the song it is playing you and it will revise the channel you have created.

Today, very very sadly I got this email:
Dear Pandora listener,

Today we have some extremely disappointing news to share with you. Due to international licensing constraints, we are deeply, deeply sorry to say that we must begin proactively preventing access to Pandora’s streaming service from Canada. We began blocking access from almost all countries outside the U.S. last week and had originally hoped to maintain access from Canada. However, it’s become clear in the last week that we just haven’t been able to make enough progress in our efforts to obtain the necessary licenses to continue streaming.

It is difficult to convey just how disappointing this is for us. Our vision remains to eventually make Pandora a truly global service, but for the time being, we can no longer continue as we have been. As a small company, the best chance we have of realizing our dream of Pandora all around the world is to grow as the licensing landscape allows.

Based on your email address, we believe you may be listening from Canada. If you are in fact listening from the U.S., please disregard this email.

Delivery of Pandora is based on proper licensing from the people who created the music – we have always believed in honoring the guidelines as determined by legislators and regulators, artists and songwriters, and the labels and publishers they work with. In the U.S. there is a federal statute that provides this license for all the music streamed on Pandora. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent license outside the U.S. and there is no global licensing organization to enable any webcaster to legitimately offer its service around the world. The volume of listening on Pandora makes it a very expensive service to run. Streaming costs are very high, and since our inception, we have been making publishing and performance royalty payments for every song we play.

Until last week, we have not been able to tell where a listener is based, relying only on zip code information provided upon registration. We are now able to recognize a listener’s country of origin based on the IP address from which they are accessing the service. Consequently, on May 16th, we will begin blocking access to Pandora to listeners from Canada. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative.

We will be posting updates on our blog regarding our ongoing effort to launch in other countries, so please stay in touch. We will keep a record of your existing stations and bookmarked artists and songs, so that when we are able to launch in your country, they will be waiting for you. We deeply share your sense of disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding.

I am very sad and don’t really understand why there needs to be so much difference between music licensing in the US and here (Canada). Really, do we really need to create this much red tape and work for companies that want to do business and/or provide a service?

Just a note. The site seems to still work but it is only a matter of time I think…