Sep 22

If you are using the Desk Mess WordPress theme and you want to use the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin your status may not be receiving the data until you add some code to the footer.php.

In my case I went to www-root/wp-content/themes/desk-mess/footer.php and added wp_footer();. The end result looks like this:

<div id=”bottom”>

<p style=”padding-top:110px; clear:both;”>Copyright © <?php echo date(“Y”); ?> <strong><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></strong> All rights reserved. Theme by <a style=”text-decoration:none; color: #635537;” href=”” title=”Geek with Laptop”>Laptop Geek</a>.</p>
<? wp_footer(); ?>

Aug 29

PHP support arrives in Aptana: “With their latest release, the JavaScript IDE Aptana now offers some great new features for PHP developers. Code Assist and an Outline view are now available to ease your backend development, and you can also preview PHP pages through a server instead of on your local hard drive, making managing PHP projects inside Aptana a lot easier.”

(Via Digital Web: What’s New.)

May 22

A friend of mine recommend MacFusion as a good replacement for Samba and all I can say is… ‘Why didn’t I know about this sooner!!’. I don’t know how many hours I spent trouble-shooting why my Linux Samba server will not talk to my Mac OS X ( Tiger ). I can’t tell you how many factors I looked at.. Samba version, little smb.conf tricks, Mac OS X tricks and hacks… after all that work MacFuse just makes it work ( and over SSH ). I love it!

The motivation for doing this is being able to import my PHP project, which has to live on the linux box, over a MacFuse – SSH connection into TextMate on my Mac. What I was doing is SSHing into the linux box and using Eclipse via X11. It is not that using X11 and Eclipse is a bad solution, it is just Eclipse does not offer much help in the way of PHP development. It really is an IDE for Java development. In fact, TextMate ( as light as it feels ) has way more in the way of PHP development and really does not really lack anything that Eclipse has.

There is one draw back that I should mention. When switching between TextMate and other applications there is a 2-3 second ‘beach-ball’ delay. I found I could cut down the time by saving my Texmate project file on my local HD and only importing what I need into my project. Once you are using TextMate it performs like normal.

May 08

Man, I never thought I would go this long with out posting. Shame on me. I have started a new job working with PHP and Java for Guardian Mobile Monitoring Systems and so far so good!

Part of the job has been setting up my development environment and Eclipse does not make that easy at all (I’ll write more about that in my next post).

I have been struggling with trying to make Eclipse and PHP and the Zend debugger play nice. I read a lot of things and finally… I have given up. It is not that I can’t it working because I finally did. The issue has been that our application keeps the php class out side of (or higher then) the directory structure of the public pages. The debugger can’t see them. We also use some variables set out side of the pages scope and eclipse is not smart enough to set those where it works when you hit the page. Very disappointing.

All that being said if you need a good resource to help you set up the debugger I found this link:

I found that it confirmed everything that I read and it is clear with the right links.

Good luck and please let me know if anyone can solve my issue.