Aug 27

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May 13

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May 05

Read this on my friends JimRoepckes Twiter page. I have to try ScreenRecycler soon. Looks unreal. Now if only I had room for two more 30″ displays on my screen :)

JimRoepcke: Screen Juggling (combine ScreenRecycler and teleport)

(Via Twitter / JimRoepckes .)

Apr 20

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My blog software got corrupt on my hosting company. This week I made the move over to DreamHost and everything seems to be going very very well. I’m really happy with them so far.

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Nov 11

I have signed onto a new contract that will take me from Vancouver to Victoria almost every week for the next few months. We only have one car right now ( because I mainly worked at home) but this has forced me to go out and find else. I contacted sales people all over the lower mainland in the last couple of weeks and dealt with the pushy the liars and the desperate.

I have to say, although I did not buy a car from him, the best sales person I have ever come across is Sin ( from Capilano Audi. I explained to him what I needed and he was honest, not pushy, he advised me on cars that were not even on his lot, and he truly had my well being in mind. Unfortunately he did not have the car we wanted but when it comes time to replace our other car we will use him 100%.

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May 06

That is pretty interesting… I wonder what kind of OS/Browser they are going to use. Although since the BMW system is all ready able to talk to the iPod and now iPhone I don’t see why they just don’t allow it to use Safari and render it on the iDrive screen. If the browser is going to be implemented by the same people that did the iDrive then, really, what’s the point of doing it at all…. it’s going to un-usable.

BMW to offer in-car Internet access via iDrive in North America: “In what could be the best thing to happen to iDrive since its inception, BMW on Monday announced it will offer full-blown Internet access in its cars via the controversial interface in North America. Back in February, BMW announced this ability is coming to Europe as part of a ConnectedDrive option package.”

(Via Leftlane News.)

Apr 21

I’m not sure how many people actually subscribe to my blog. I think more people just stumble upon technical articles that I post while they are searching the net. That was the intention of this blog, to give back and help the same way so many posts help me. Anyways, I thought I would post this personal entry.

I’m living in Victoria, BC, Canada for a month as my wife has an internship at the local TV station here. We rented a vacation condo at The Reef very near to the Shoal Point on Erie Street. The building and accommodation is perfect and I know this month is going to go by very very fast.

Victoria BC is the town I grew up in and I feels soo good to be back home. The feeling is also amplified by the fact that as I write this all I have to is glance up and I have a perfect view of Victoria’s breathtaking inner harbor. It is amazing to look out the window and see landmark after landmark that has a memory attached to it as the float plans land in the water. This afternoon I was taking Peepsi, our dog, for walk on Dallas road which runs along the south end of the island. I ran into a old friend walking his dog. It was so good to do that, just run into an old friend and walk in one of the best cities in the world with perfect weather. I have missed it.

I have added some photos of our first couple of nights.

Jan 24

Oct 01

Ballmer Peak: “Apple uses automated schnapps IVs.


Oct 01

As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took the stage today to address students at Columbia University, his government was working at his direction to find and expel students from Iranian universities—solely based on the religion they practice.

There is a little-told story from Iran—a story we thought would forever stay buried in the darkness of 1930s Europe. This story is about a religion founded in Iran in the mid-1800s that has become Iran’s largest religious minority with over 250,000 members.

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