Nov 05
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It used to say “Productivity with a choice”…. after being stuck on what would be a normally simple problem for much longer AND feeling like I had no choice cause I had to use JDeveloper I decided to change the splash screen. I do have to say, it makes using JDeveloper easier :)

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Oct 15

For some reason this tool decides that it needs to reset your Accelerators every once in a while and do away with the Enter/Return key.

To fix to under Tools -> Accelerators. Click the ‘Load Presets’ button and load the appropriate one for your system.

Caution: If you have remapped any Accelerators and have not saved them out they may get lost.

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Oct 02

I think something big is going to happen here. It looks like we are just waiting for it to start up. :)
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Sep 28

In case I forget again to get a   non-breaking space in ADF.


Hint: Don’t do a right click and Reformat or else JDeveloper will swap the &nbsp for a &amp;nbsp


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Sep 22

If you are using the Desk Mess WordPress theme and you want to use the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin your status may not be receiving the data until you add some code to the footer.php.

In my case I went to www-root/wp-content/themes/desk-mess/footer.php and added wp_footer();. The end result looks like this:

<div id=”bottom”>

<p style=”padding-top:110px; clear:both;”>Copyright © <?php echo date(“Y”); ?> <strong><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></strong> All rights reserved. Theme by <a style=”text-decoration:none; color: #635537;” href=”” title=”Geek with Laptop”>Laptop Geek</a>.</p>
<? wp_footer(); ?>

May 25

Was seeing this error on some pages of our application. I found that it only happened on pages that used more than one Application Module (AM). After a lot of googleing and trail and error I found a solution. In our Logout class I added the following code before the redirect with the critical piece in bold:

FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

ValueBinding vb = fc.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().createValueBinding(“#{data}”);

BindingContext bc = (BindingContext)vb.getValue(fc.getCurrentInstance());

if( session != null ) {

Turns out if you use more than one AM on a page you must release it.

Appartly Oracle has patched this known issue (bug # 6416122, base bug# 6365500) but some people mentioned that the fix did not fix their problem. I did not bother applying the patch.

Below is also the helpful pages durning my search.

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May 20

This is how to create a email address link using af:golink;

<af:goLink text=”#{row.EmailAddress}”
destination=”#{\”mailto:\”} #{row.EmailAddress}”/>

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May 05

Read this on my friends JimRoepckes Twiter page. I have to try ScreenRecycler soon. Looks unreal. Now if only I had room for two more 30″ displays on my screen :)

JimRoepcke: Screen Juggling (combine ScreenRecycler and teleport)

(Via Twitter / JimRoepckes .)

Apr 24

I added a render attribute on one of my commit buttons in order to hide the button based on some business logic. I quickly found out that this will kill the ability for your form to commit. The fix is to move the render logic out to a enclosing af:panelGroup. Here is the change:

<af:commandButton actionListener=”#{bindings.Commit.execute}”
rendered=”#{backing_TerminalEditMode.editMode == \’edit\’

<af:panelGroup rendered=”#{backing_TerminalEditMode.editMode == \’edit\’}”>
<af:commandButton actionListener=”#{bindings.Commit.execute}”
<af:commandButton actionListener=”#{bindings.Rollback.execute}”
text=”Rollback” immediate=”true”>

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Apr 21

I kept getting this error on my page. After a little bit of reading it seems to be a bug with JDeveloper. Something about a naming bug with the page def.

The easy fix. Backup what you have then delete your form components in the Structure and then just re-drag them onto the page.


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