Jun 21

I’m just wondering if anyone else has see them. My Auto-Lock can’t be selected, and the only option for the passcode lock time is Immediately.

I installed iOS 4 (GM) from WWDC did a clean install and checked the pass-code option, it was fine. Then, when I installed just my apps and content it locked me out again. I didn’t install from backup.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with my profiles… Although I did check some other people’s iPhones at WWDC and did not have this problem.




Update: Turns out Google’s Exchange policy is to blame -

“Exchange servers can require that devices have specific auto-lock settings. iPhone honors those settings. If a particular Exchange server requires that you have auto-lock set to 1 minute, then your auto-lock will be set to 1 minute, and you cannot change it as long as your iPhone uses that Exchange account.”

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