May 13

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Oct 02

I think something big is going to happen here. It looks like we are just waiting for it to start up. :)
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Jul 11

firmware install

So the thinking was… I have a Rogers account, the iPhone is now supported on Rogers, I’ll plug it in and update to iPhone OS 2.0. Nope. I got an unsupported SIM card error.

So if you live in Canada and you have a Rogers SIM and you want to just upgrade your old phones software to 2.0, wait for the hack/unlock.

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Jan 18

The problem:
My wife is in the Broadcast Journalism program at BCIT and often has to make telephone interviews for her assignments. Technically speaking, this has always been a really sloppy process. She has to hold the phone up to the recording device, which introduces lots of ‘noise’ to the recording and often her voice is louder than the interviewee. This causes her to have to import the audio into GarageBand and edit the audio levels.

The Solution :) :
The other day it dawned on me. The iPhone has a line out!

Required Hard and Soft ware:
1) iPhone or any Phone with a line out
2) In our case we use a MacBook or MacBook Pro but any computer with a line in will do.
3) QuickTime Pro or any software with audio recording capabilities will do.

I plugged a line from the iPhone’s headphone jack into the line in on her MacBook (pictures show my MacBook Pro):



Switched the input to ‘Line In’ in ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Sound’:


Start up QuickTime Pro and selected ‘File’ -> ‘New Audio Recording’:


A QuickTime Audio Recording window will come up. Increase the volume to about half. This will allow you to hear the interviewee over the speakers of the computer ( you can also plug in headphone if you don’t want it broadcast ) and press big red button whenever you want to start recording:


Once you stop you will find a file on your desktop:


Let me know if you have any questions or another method…

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