Dec 04

Oh my god. Thank God that is over. For months I have been wanting to get Samba working with Mac OS X. I could never figure it out and figured that Tiger’s smb compatibility was flawed. But today I finally sat down and worked it out. Here is what I did and I am including a sample working smb.conf file.

First. I upgraded my Fedora Core 4′s samba to 3.0.23a. That version seems to work with my Leopards installed version of 3.0.25b. By the way, to get your smb version from Mac OS X run smbd –version. To find your linux’s box samba version try this:

[root@hp cups]# rpm -aq | grep samba
[root@hp cups]#

Then I edited the file with the help of this page:
See below for smb.conf file

Then I logged onto the Linux box and confirmed that I could print locally to my printer. I started cups and configured it. This part just worked so I can’t go into too much detail but I did make one change. I opened /etc/cups/cups.conf and had an allow line for my computers ip in the printer deceleration section. In my case this was needed or else the computer wanting to print got a ‘Forbidden’ in the queue. It looks like this:

<Location /printers/hp>
Encryption IfRequested
Satisfy All
Order allow
Allow From
Allow From

Then I add the printer as a IPP printer in Mac OS X:

Picture 2.png

And it all worked! My biggest hurdle was the smb.conf file…. no matter what I tried I could not get it working. Hopefully this sample working file will give you a good start.

Sample working smb.conf file:


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