Jun 15

This is not exactly that accurate. It’s true, I was  surprised to see a Microsoft Bing demo…. and I hate Microsoft more than the next guy, but, I just felt so bad for this little girl on stage trying to get this demo to work with a room of 5000 Apple folks all thinking the same thing… ‘well, that’s par for the MS course’. I mean lets be honest, what true Apple fanboy does not want to see MS fail but when that demo finally worked after like the 10th time we all applauded because we were so relieved that her.


I think the feeling in the room after the demo was more: Microsoft is still making crap even when you give them a great platform and I hope that girl does not kill herself.


Matt Drance on WWDC10: “

Spot-on analysis from Matt Drance:

One can’t help but appreciate the irony here. The initial friendship between Apple and Google was surely inspired in part by a common rival in Microsoft. Now the tables have turned, with Apple and Microsoft sharing the stage against Google. The reversal is so severe that a busted Bing demo in a later session drew heavy applause upon finally working. A WWDC audience would not have been so kind to Microsoft in earlier years.


(Via Daring Fireball.)

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