Oct 15

For some reason this tool decides that it needs to reset your Accelerators every once in a while and do away with the Enter/Return key.

To fix to under Tools -> Accelerators. Click the ‘Load Presets’ button and load the appropriate one for your system.

Caution: If you have remapped any Accelerators and have not saved them out they may get lost.

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Apr 21

What this means:Your jsp/jspx file has grown too big.
Fix:Do a JSP include.

It helps split the file up and yet to the browser the page still looks like it is one file.

Here is what the include looks like:
<%@ include file=”/includes/NewFile.jspf”%>

There is a trick where you can get ADF not to create a Page Def file for NewFile’s but rather point to point to the first one. I never figured that out. What I did was let ADF create the NewFile’s page def and just mirror it from the old file. I know, this is really bad but it had to be done at the time.

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