Jan 15

Back in pre-leopard days Apple talked about the the ability using Time Machine to back up your files to a remote disk using the Airport Extreme and a external hard drive plugged into the router. So I went out and bought a Apple AirPort extreme, I got a 500gb MyBook external hard drive from Costco and waited for Leopard. I thought, ‘finally, I can back up my computer and my wife’s without plugging it in.’ Set it and forget, that is what I like.

Leopard came out and…. the feature was taken away. No remote sync… But me, being a optimistic guy, I thought for sure it would be re-introducded as a update… Companies often take out features to meet a release date.
Today, Apple introduced the Time Capsule… which is basically the Airport Extreme with a 500gb or 1TB hard disk in it. Ummm, excuse me apple, but I already bought all that crap because you said it would work!

I know technology is going to change and I know Apple likes to change form factors ( iPods are a good example ) that is not what gets me. What I am getting at is if they won’t allow me to remote backup with my Airport Extreme and external hard drive because now they have a Time Capsule.
They told me this feature was going to be there, so, not on good faith, but actual information provided by the vendor I went out and spent my money.

I am not going to buy the Time Capsule as we know the OS has the ability to do what they promised. I can’t say I’ll be surprised if it does not work ( Apple is in-fact a business after all) but I will be upset if they don’t “unlock” the Airport Express to back up remotely with a disk for those of us that did take there word on the matter.


Update: MacRumors have posted what seems to be the simplest solution to getting it working. My data is really important to me so I am not willing to risk it.

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